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A1 Gate Guys Operate an Excellent Gate Repair Service For Plano and Surrounding Areas with the best customer service. The specialists at A1 Gate Guys are the best Certified Gate Repair Technicians, they are punctual, reliable, and they always show up at their scheduled time of service.

The technicians follow a regimental list of steps to complete the job effectively and so the customer receives a high-quality service.

A1 Gate Repair Services

A1 Gate Guys Repair Service offer a range of gate repair services such as gate operators, LiftMaster slide gate operators, and LiftMaster swing arm gates. If you are looking online for sliding gate repair near me, you will find A1 come up as they have the best top gate repair technicians.

A1 Gate Guys provide repair services for residential properties only. Just contact the team today, schedule a date and time, and the certified technicians will repair your sliding gate efficiently and effectively.

For automatic gate repair, the A1 technicians can take care of this for you too, and once the repair job is finished, they will recommend a maintenance plan. According to the A1 Gate Guys, homeowners can add years of life to the automatic gate operator by considering the need for an annual maintenance plan.

The certified gate technicians at A1 believe a plan is necessary as it involves removing the cover and checking the inside of the operator regularly and making sure no mice or snakes live there.

The A1 technician’s expertise does not stop there, as they provide driveway gate repair and electric gate opener repair. The team of technicians will ensure your gate is running correctly after their service, as it is quite common for gates to act up and cause problems such as not opening or closing. A1 answers their phone 24/7 for emergencies, so if you cannot repair this issue on your own, call them today.

Advice from the A1 Gate Guys

The technicians at A1 suggest that when it comes to gate repair, you should start with the power off, then check the hinges. If it is a swing gate hinge pin, it may need lubrication.

A1 explains that many electric gate operators slide with a chain, and the chain can get loose over time and needs lubrication on an annual basis. It is essential to remove any bugs, debris, grass clippings, leaves, and dirt.

If the gate operator is solar-powered, check the batteries when it starts to move slower than usual. From their experience, A1 Gate Guys notice that high-end solar panels should last at least 20 years. While less expensive solar panels will only get you five years. A tip from the technicians is to write the date on the batteries so you can remember when to replace them.

A1 Gate Guys fix and repair most name brand gate operators like, Apollo, Viking, Eagle and USAutomatic.

More information

If you currently have a swing gate operator from the LiftMaster, and the gate needs a technician to repair an issue with it, the A1 Gate Guys can fix this as they offer Swing gate repair Lucas TX and the warranty for a New LiftMaster is two years.

A1 Gate Guys are indeed the experts in automatic gate repair, get in touch with the technicians today and schedule an on-time gate operator appointment, call 469-277-8333 or send an email to [email protected] for any queries about your gate operator.

A1 offers a superb gate repair service with positive reviews from all their customers.

To learn more about automatic gates such as safety tips and any issues like mice interfering with the gates, read their blogs online at


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A1 Gates Guys are setting the standard for providing excellent quality with the best customer service available in the DFW Metroplex. Our specialists are the best Certified Gate Repair Technicians. Our technicians are reliable customer service gate repair professionals that show up…

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