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Don’t let March pass by without a fantastic pasta dish at Christinis, one of the best Italian restaurant in Orlando!

Noodles, Spaghetti, Linguine, Bucatini…string-shaped pasta varieties have long been a mainstay in many cuisines, and an absolute crowd-favorite.

When celebrating the National Noodle Month in Orlando, there is no better place than Christinis Ristorante Italiano. This is your go-to spot for quality pastas. Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch, from their oil to their fresh pasta, crafted to perfection to make each dish an experience to remember.

The passionate staff members at Christinis restaurant stay true to the best traditional flavors, which actually have a very ancient and amazing history:

Legend has it, merchant and explorer Marco Polo discovered noodles while in China. He brought the recipe to Italy, where different wheats and cooking methods allowed noodles to evolve into spaghetti, and many other shapes we know and love. Believe it or not, spaghetti was originally intended as a form of simple street food! It was sold in newspaper cones, much like fish and chips, and people used to eat it with their bare hands, only adding flavors like salt and olive oil when it was available. Back then, noodles where ticker and chunkier, so they were perfect too much on or dip into a condiment!

Noodles evolved into proper meals, to be enjoyed with sauces and other amazing ingredients. Everything changed when the tomato was first imported from the Americas to Europe. Italians quickly realized the potential of this amazingly fruit, which at the time was exotic and strange.

Today, a good tomato sauce is the best companion to a perfect bowl of pasta, particularly noodles and spaghetti.

The National Noodle Month is a good opportunity to look back on the history of this wonderful food, but it’s also a great excuse to go out and eat some delicious food! At Christinis, the magic of pasta is alive and well, and customers are truly in for a treat with every bite.

In particular, Italian cuisine is actually a fantastic example of how Italians managed to bring the noodles game to the next level. From a timeless “spaghetti al pomodoro”, to a delicious “Carbonara,” there are many amazing ways to enjoy a rich plate of noodles.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Christinis is a perfect example of an Italian restaurant who set out to stay true to the traditional charm and authentic flavor of old-school recipes, but with a fresh twist.

As one of the top spot on Restaurant Row (Dr. Phillips area), Christinis is well-known for its high-quality meals, made completely from scratch. They even make their own pastas in-house, and they source quality ingredients directly from their own farm, including producing their own olive oil.

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on a great meal (or more than just one!) on National Noodle Month, be sure to book a table at Christinis and experience some of the best pasta dishes Orlando has to offer! Book your table now , and enjoy a meal to remember at Orland’s finest Italian restaurant, Christinis!


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