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ElbeRohr – Rohrreinigung ( Hamburg is offering professional and affordable Plumbing Services throughout Hamburg and the surrounding areas. They provide customers with ‘fair fixed prices instead of an opaque price jungle.’ From the moment you contact Rohrreinigung there is clear communication about the cost of service and you pay upfront so there are no surprise invoices at the end of the job.

What is so genuine and professional about ElbeRohr – Rohrreinigung Hamburg ( is their belief that the customer has the right to real quality. It is no surprise that they consider their customers to be the most important people within their company.

Locations in Hamburg and surrounding areas

ElbeRohr make it very easy for customers to find a plumber in a location nearby them, head over to their website and see for yourself. Choose a location near you, Luebeck, Stade, Harburg, or Steinburg, just click on one of these locations and you will be provided with a range of services offered by the plumbing company and the number to contact for assistance.

Similarly, if you live in Hamburg, just select the area that you live in from the list and avail of the top-quality plumbing services. Also, ElbeRohr provide a wide range of articles about plumbing that are very helpful for customers, such as articles about pipe and sewer cleaning in Hamburg, to camera inspection in Hamburg, high pressure flushing, and many more useful articles.

ElbeRohr – Rohrreinigung Hamburg Services

ElbeRohr offer top plumbing services throughout Hamburg and these include; basement, yard and water drainage, sewer cleaning & examination, shower and bathtub, all kinds of wash basins, sanitary emergency service, kitchen drains, rinsing, and milling out (

Kanalreinigung is one of their top plumbing services that many homeowners contact ElbeRohr for, as well as Kanalsanierung. According to the experienced professionals at ElbeRohr, pipe blockage always comes at the wrong time. Fortunately, ElbeRohr provide a fast and efficient plumbing service to take care of this issue with their pipe cleaning and renovation service.

The plumbing company explains that the main reason for most pipe blockages is due to a build-up of deposits, fat or an ingrowth of roots. Contact ElbeRohr immediately and their team of experienced plumbers will come to the rescue and with the right supplies of the latest technology for the pipe cleaning and renovation. ElbeRohr also removes blockages for commercial and industrial sewer systems (

In addition, ElbeRohr offer rohrverstopfung assistance to residents in Hamburg and the surrounding areas, just call the plumbing company today before the problem gets worse.

More information

ElbeRohr operates a 24-hour service for their customers and they even offer emergency services from Monday – Friday 6pm to 7am and Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, with a surcharge fee of just 49 euro.

As a Rohrreinigungsfirma, they are more than happy to answer questions or queries you may have about the plumbing system in your home or office, so call today on 040 55504640 or, if you need some assistance on any one of the plumbing services offered just schedule an appointment by phone or email at  [email protected].


About ElbeRohr – Rohrreinigung Hamburg

Transparent and fair fixed prices instead of an opaque price jungle. With us you will find out what costs you will have to pay when you place your order, thus avoiding later, nasty surprises on the invoice.

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