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Rever are pleased to announce that they have a Free Version to Help the Manufacturing Sector during COVID-19. Rever is the leading Frontline Excellence platform for manufacturers, and they are now offering the Rever Essentials mobile app for free, without any user limits.

This is an exceptional app for businesses right now as it supports them through this global crisis and to navigate the future impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Mobile App Provides Support for Essential Workers

Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever talks about how this free version of the app helps essential workers during this difficult period who are working hard, he states that; “There are billions of employees working on the frontlines to deliver the products and services we all need for daily life. The current health crisis is waking everyone up to the fact that they are essential workers for society to function properly”.

The CEO continues to mention the pressure on businesses to adapt to the ‘new normal’ reality, such as implementing immediate measures in order to protect their staff and their customers, as well as ensuring they motivate their frontline teams.

In addition, the CEO mentions that companies also have to prepare for looming economic downturn so they have to figure out how to increase their margins which should involve each company using their frontline employees as an ‘army of improvers” and this, – ‘will increase resilience at the frontline to weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side.”

The Rever Essentials mobile app helps with this and it can be downloaded on mobile devices and used by employees straight away without delay. This excellent platform helps manufacturers across industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and consumer goods to capture and fix issues without wasting time on manual processes.

Useful Resources

Rever also has a wide range of tools and software that businesses can use in the workplace in order to improve communication, morale especially in this current crisis, and the Kaizen Software is the ideal solution offered by Rever. This software helps to support your team and effectively turn into a ‘highly efficient, inspired, and creative force.’

For some great advice, Rever suggest lean thinking and lean management in the workplace. They mention the benefits involved such as improved focus, the increase in adaptability and the five principles to consider when approaching lean management in the work place. Check out these articles on their site to find out more.

One important tool that Rever mentions is Toyota Kata, a great tool for driving continuous improvement through coaching and problem-solving. The word kata itself means daily practice with the aim to have this routine become ‘second nature to the teams that use it’ which will result in skill development and process improvement. This tool can be applied to a business and how the Improvement Kata, in particular, can drive bottom-line results.

Finally, if you’re a business owner you want your employees to be motivated and focused each day so why not offer the staff various employee engagement activities that your team will thoroughly enjoy in the workplace and will increase a positive work ethic, from social events to collaborating on projects to even investing in staff education. For all these articles and more, visit the Rever website today.

More information

Rever is such a powerful and influential platform, that it gives enterprises the ability to empower frontline teams and drive performance and innovation. Start the journey today for free by going online to their website, and download the Rever Essentials mobile app, and save time, track issues and even capture learnings.

For any queries or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by email at [email protected].

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